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How many times have you heard the saying…

It is not what you say it is how you say it!


This is so true for all relationships:


Spouse to Spouse


Coaches to Athletes

Teachers to Students

Caretakers to Caretakees

Customer Service…the list goes on



What happens that we forget the power of our words…both positive and negative?

How come we are so not aware of the impact we have on others?

Or maybe we are…and we’ve just become immune to the importance words play in our relationships.


For example:

An Athletic Coach can squash an athlete’s effort simply by delivering his/her message at a non-coachable time.

A caretaker of a toddler can inadvertently “nurture” low self-esteem, just by the tone of the words they choose.

How about spouse to spouse…How many times has your loved one “looked flattened” by your response? Could you have made an effort to remember “what I am about to say can make a lasting impression both positive and negative.”


Maybe try a new habit…Think Before You Speak…

Here is another viewpoint …


Resolutions are about being resolved to change something…


Goals are all about the opportunity to put into action positive change.



Goals are about new beginnings, a clean slate, a chance to start over and we do this through Resolutions.  Resolutions are a way of saying I want to make improvements in my life. I want change for the good! Most of the time we focus on the areas of our life in which we are unhappy and we believe making a change would be beneficial. We are often driven to make these changes because we are dissatisfied and possibly wrestling with a negative viewpoint of ourselves.  This comes with a price tag…if we don’t follow through on the resolution we feel worse about ourselves, and then we compound the feelings into more negativity.

What if we took a different approach to these resolutions?  What if we replaced the word resolution with goals? Goals are another way of making improvements to one’s life. Goals are about moving forward which has a positive feel to it. Goals are set, then we strive to meet them and if we don’t, we re-evaluate the goal and reset. We take into consideration what is needed to support our success in meeting these goals.

Too often we focus on what is wrong, what is not working and we end up creating more of that very thing we do not want in our life. What if we started focusing on what is right? By focusing on the positive we will manifest more positive.

So if you want more of something in your life what is the secret to getting it?  Resolving oneself to attaining it? Possibly. Or adopting a positive approach using goals as great opportunities to put into action your change?   Both can work and produce results, the question remains which path is right for you?