Coaching 4 Families

Families find the nature of coaching realigns them to what matters most…


Coaching 4 Individuals

Having a “Thinking Partner” best describes the individual coaching sessions…


Coaching 4 Groups

Is one of the most dynamic formats in which to navigate through one’s journey in life. Here is why…


Coaching 4 the 3 A’s

Balance and Flow is truly at the heart of finding one’s essence…


Leslie Cuva Mongelluzzi, MA CPC, has dedicated almost thirty years to the development of others’ personal growth. Beginning her career as a clinical psychotherapist, Leslie noticed her focus with clients was primarily on the past resolving issues that affected the present. As her clients grew and progressed to new levels, so did her approach, she found herself drawn to professional coaching.


Utilizing a Positive Psychology approach, Leslie works with families, individual clients and groups to find their greatest potential.


Why Choose No Limits 4 Life

Mental Blocks/Obstacles

Do you want to grow past the place you are in, but haven’t been able to move around those barriers? We all have blocks from time to time that hold us back from our true potential. Sometimes we have perceptions that influence us to see only one way…Sometimes we have conversations that can be negative and unproductive…coaching can challenge these thoughts and move you into a state of Choosing to see the Unlimited Possibilities.

Peak Performance/Success

Do you have a deep desire to reach a vision or dream? Do you have the best intentions but find you can get derailed from staying Committed? Do you desire to perform differently and can’t seem to lead yourself to a level of what you would decide is successful? The process of coaching is designed to create a learning environment in which the client can direct new behaviors and become more productive in reaching their desired outcomes.

Relationship Issues

Are your relationships in Harmony? Could you be Happier? Have you strayed from what used to hold meaning? Sometimes we do lose our way and forget what is most important. Coaching can RESTORE a sense of connectedness to one’s highest values. Through a process of inquiry in the coaching session a client can begin to clarify and renew their understanding of self in relation to others.


Isn’t it time that you move from Surviving to Thriving? Do you have a sense that there is more out there for you and yet you can’t seem to put this knowing into action? In fact, you know that you are not living to your full potential but need support in getting there. Imagine a life of Fulfillment versus the SOME DAY conversation. Partner with No Limits and discover your truth. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it through the process of coaching.